Saturday, April 12, 2014

J.Crew Review: Collection Chocolate Cosmos dress

I'm still on the hunt for event-worthy dresses for my brother's upcoming wedding. Finding evening appropriate dresses is always a struggle for me, so I started looking early!

I noticed the Chocolate Cosmos dress when it rolled-out several months ago but only recently considered it as an option when I saw it pop back on sale. With the gorgeous floral print and silk material, it seemed like a great pick for the engagement party in May.

Overall thoughts: I like it a lot. I ended up buying a size 6 since it was the only size available during the recent promotion. It is a bit loose on me especially through my hips. However, I appreciate the extra room, as I don't intend to be shy with my celebration that night (<--the party is 2 days after the assessment for the teaching certification I've been working on lately. There will be MUCH to celebrate that night!) While the flared drop waist is probably not the most flattering on my body type, I think it makes this dress unique. I do wish it were more of a normal fit-and-flare, but I'm not sure that the drop waist is a deal-breaker.

The material is really interesting. It's silk, but feels more like textured cotton. And let's not ignore the fact that the floral pattern is insanely gorgeous. The darker color is actually a dark burgundy, and it matches my J.Crew Martina wedges in aubergine perfectly (although I'm not sure they're the best shoe for this look).

How do you like this dress? Think it's appropriate for the occasion? 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Anthro fitting room reviews: Spring 2014

Let's just get right into it, shall we?

Wearing: Size xs/s

So apparently this skirt has been around, in other colors, for a while now? How did I not know about this? I was very skeptical when I first saw it in the store. The material was weird and stiff (see how it stands up on its own in pic #3!) and I certainly didn't think I could squeeze into the size xs/s. But oh man, is this a magic skirt or what?! It gave me a waist! It made me look legit skinny (not the case as I've gained a few stress lbs)! Holy crap, I'm officially in love. Could not justify buying a $100+ item at the time, but this is definitely on my wish list.

Wearing: Size 6

I picked this one up as a possible wedding shower/engagement party dress for my brother's upcoming festivities. The closest available in my size was a 6, which fit well (but again, stress lbs and all, so it may be TTS). Going up a size also helped make it longer on me. This is a gorgeous dress. The lace design is more unique than the thousands of other lace dresses on the market. It also has a few randomly placed pink sequins, which I'm not sure I liked, but it wasn't a deal-breaker. I loved this dress, but will wait for it to hopefully go on sale soon to pick it up.

 Wearing: Size small

I've had this one on my wish list for a while now. I love a good floral sundress! In reality, I didn't fall in love with this dress. I didn't like the way the wider neckline looked on me, and the material was an odd mesh-like fabric. It also had a seam going down the middle of the skirt (see pic #2) which I wasn't a fan of. I still like it and could definitely see myself wearing it, but I'm not feeling like I HAVE to have it right now. 

Wearing: Size small

I thought this one was adorable. Such a comfortable, easy dress. I'm not exactly sure where I would wear it, as it's a bit too casual for school and a bit too dressy for lounging (I'm more of a sweatpants kind of lounger). This could definitely be a sale purchase, though. 

Wearing: Size 6

So. This dress. I hemmed and hawed over it when it hit sale, as it's another contender for my brother's wedding festivities in October. The fabric is thicker and would be perfect for cooler weather, and the fit-and-flare shape works well on my body type. However, what is up with the neckline? I mean, it's definitely unique, and it's not exactly unflattering, but it's just...weird. I just couldn't make peace with it, plus the skirt didn't fall quite right (which may have been due to the security tag on the side). They only had a size 6 left, so maybe trying a size 4 would help with the skirt. 

What do you all think of these items? Which do YOU love? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

J.Crew and Factory Review: Chambray baseball caps

I've been loving the trend of retailers producing baseball caps that are a bit more "chic" than your usual tattered and more casual team hat. Last year I got Madewell's floral version, and this past fall I got J.Crew's colorblock wool baseball cap. I love them both and wear them often on weekends. When I saw that both retail and factory j.crew put out chambray versions, I was thrilled and ordered both to try. I will only keep one, so help me decide which to choose! 

I of course love this for the polka dots. However, I think this would be harder to pair with outfits, especially those that already have polka dots (which would most likely be often, let's be honest). It fits well on my head and is so freakin' cute. The chambray is a bit darker than the retail version below. 

The plain chambray will of course be more versatile, going with pretty much anything I wear, aside from an all-chambray outfit! I really like the color of this one and the texture of the fabric. It almost looks like cross-hatched linen.

What do you think of these two hats? Which one should I keep?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Anthro Fitting room: February dresses

Haven't done a round of fitting room reviews in a while simply because I haven't really been to actual stores lately! It felt nice to see some clothes in real life and try them on. I am in the market for some occasion dresses for my brother's upcoming wedding in October. I especially need a nice one for the rehearsal dinner, so I had my eyes open for some options while at Anthro this past weekend. Here's what I tried on: 

Unknown Maeve dress (not yet online) 

Wearing: Size 4

Definitely too casual for a rehearsal dinner, but I couldn't resist trying on this dress. I fell in love hard with this one (like I really need another polka dot dress!) The material is really unique with a lot of texture and very sturdy. I love the intricate detailing at the neckline; it really makes this dress different than the 421 other polka dot dresses I own. Unfortunately the neckline extends to the back making this a dress that needs a strapless bra. Not a huge deal, just something to remember. Added to wishlist and will wait for sale!

Wearing: Size 6

After seeing this dress online, I thought it had great potential for a rehearsal dinner dress. The top looks wedding-y but not too bridal. The bottom is really different and eye-catching. Unfortunately, this dress fits really strangely on me. The top is loose while the bottom was too form-fitting for me to feel comfortable in front of family! The store only had a size 6 for me to try, but I'd assume my usual size 4 would be even more revealing and uncomfortable. Sad to say it, but it's a pass for me! 

Wearing: Size 6

I adored this dress and found it to be a top contender for a possible rehearsal dinner dress. It's formal but fun and colorful. The lace overlay is heavy enough to be appropriate for a fall wedding. It was hard to get an accurate idea of how it would look all dressed up (not really planning on wearing scrunched knee socks and casual mocs!) so I'd have to play with this dress to really see if it would work. I tried on a size 4 and it was a bit hard to zip up comfortably; the size 6 fit better everywhere and was more comfortable. Overall, loved it and added to possible options! 

Wearing: Size small

Another polka dot dress I had to try! This one is also too casual for a rehearsal dinner. The size small fit well, but it was a bit too high-waisted for me to really fall in love with it. I loved the comfortable material; it had plenty of give and stretch to it. I also really appreciated the long sleeves. That is rare to find in a jersey dress! This one is on my wishlist, but I won't die if I don't get it!

What do you think of these dresses? Do you think the Terrace Sheath is rehearsal dinner-worthy? 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Recent outfits & Updates

Well hello there! Just wanted to quickly check-in to show some recent outfits. Want to know what I've been up to lately? 

1. Working on my national certification stuff. 
2. Not going to school because of snow. 
3. Trying to start second semester at school but failing because of #2.

That's why there are so few outfits since the last time I posted! Gotta love winter in the mountains. At least it's giving me plenty of time for #1 up there (now, whether or not I take advantage of said time or just procrastinate is another story). Hope you all are doing well! 

All posted on my Instagram. Items are all from past seasons unless there is a link provided! 

J.Crew Garnet flame plaid shirt, Sterling skirt, Kate Spade pencil necklace

I absolutely adore this shirt. I've worn it so often that it's already reached MVP status in my closet! 

J.Crew trousers (from Clearance center), Honeycomb cable sweater, Langford high-heeled oxfords, Anthro leaf necklace

J.Crew blazer (from clearance center), Anthro skirt, Kate Spade necklace, Indigo by Clarks pumps

Anthro Bianka blouse, J.Crew Moss tweed skirt, Indigo by Clarks pumps

J.Crew cashmere dot sweater and button-up shirt

J.Crew Marled Fair Isle sweater, double-serge pencil skirt, Indigo by Clarks pumps 

Anthro Dotside blazer, J.Crew tiered dot tank, J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt in baroque blue, Born Concept pumps

J.Crew cashmere sweater, J.Crew Flair skirt in plaid, Indigo by Clarks pumps

Saturday, January 18, 2014

For sale: J.Crew high-heeled Langford Oxfords, 8.5 (reduced)

I am selling these gorgeous J.Crew Langford Herringbone high-heeled Oxfords. I absolutely adore these shoes, but they just never got much wear from me. I think I only wore them once or twice.

Original item description: A feminine take on the classic wing tip oxford, these haute heels feature a sturdy 3 3/4" stacked heel and a new exterior platform (for added comfort and a leg-lengthening lift). Crafted in fine Italian leather and tweed for a just-right textural touch, they'll add a hint of vintage appeal to any outfit (what's not to love?). Italian leather and wool herringbone (grey herringbone) or Italian leather and wool houndstooth (heather charcoal) upper. Leather lining and sole. 3 3/4" semi-gloss stacked heel with a 3/8" exterior platform. Made in Italy. 

Retailed for $295 
Size: 8.5
Pre-owned, only worn a couple times. There are some marks on leather are due to the nature of the type of leather. There are also some marks on the fabric part that were there when I bought them (see pics). I think this is also the nature of the fabric. They don't seem to be design flaws. 

Asking $70 shipped 

Contact me at if interested! Paypal transactions only, please. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Recent outfits

Oh, hi! Just a quick check-in to show you all what I've been wearing lately. You know, important stuff.

(All from my Instagram account)

*Note: Any item without a link is currently unavailable or from a past season! :)

J.Crew Arrow sweater
Anthro Peppered & Striped skirt
J.Crew Mona pumps

J.Crew Factory heartthrob shirt
J.Crew skirt
Seychelles pumps

J.Crew Hacking jacket
J.Crew vintage bateau top
J.Crew matchstick cords

J.Crew Jackie cardigan
Anthro dress
Target boots

J.Crew sweater
J.Brand jeans

J.Crew sweater & shirt, 
J.Crew Candy Tweed skirt
J.Crew Penelope mary-jane pumps

J.Crew double-serge wool pencil skirt
Coach boots

J.Crew cashmere sweater, tartan shirt, pencil skirt
Indigo by Clarks pumps

Madewell dress and leggings
J.Crew t-neck
Indigo by Clarks shoes

J.Crew perfect pencil skirt
J.Crew pumps

Hope you all are doing wonderfully and navigating this holiday season with ease. I am counting down the days until Winter Break myself (5.5)! Have a great day!