Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Out of Print fundraiser reminder

Hi, everyone!

Just wanted to remind you all about the Out of Print fundraiser going on right now. 30% of all orders will go to my school's Beta Club, which is an academic and service club for students.

Currently, ALL items on their website are 20% off, and you'll get a free notebook with your order!

Here are some of the (many) items available:


If you place an order, make sure you use the promo code ASHEBETA at checkout for the promo to take effect.

Thanks for supporting us! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Out of Print fundraiser

Hi everyone! Just wanted to quickly pop in and tell you about a great opportunity to help out a worthy cause...

Out of Print is one of my favorite companies of all time. They make the most comfortable tees and sweatshirts with book covers on them. They also have really cute tote bags, pouches, jewelry--they even make onesies for babies! 

Between now and December 15, any order placed using the code ASHEBETA will give you free shipping, and my school's Beta Club (read more about this organization here) will get 30% of all orders! That is huge and will help us out immensely with our fundraising if we get enough orders. All proceeds will help the Beta Club continue to give back to the community. 

Check out the website and browse around. I promise you won't be disappointed! Any of their items would make GREAT Christmas presents for the bookworm in your life! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Anthro dressing room: Needlepoint Garden dress, Chelan dress, Knotted Maxi dress

Hey everyone, I have a few quickie reviews of some Anthropologie dresses!

Wearing: size 6

This dress definitely runs small. While it fit in the size 6, it was snug around the chest and difficult to zip. In person, the pattern is beautiful! A bit like draperies, but lovely draperies that you'd want to wear! :) This would look so pretty with brown boots and a denim jacket. Wishlisted for sale!

Wearing: Size 6

Fell in LOVE with this dress! It fits beautifully and the colors are stunning. I plan to wear this with my (evil) gold J.Crew Mona heels to pull out the gold color. It's one of those dresses that you can dress up or down--I could definitely see myself wearing this to school with a denim jacket or cardigan, but I'm also planning to wear this to an upcoming wedding! ADORE this dress (and purchased with the current teacher discount, of course!)

Wearing: Size small

This dress has a stunning silhouette--I just love the knotting detail at the top and the gathering shape it makes. Unfortunately, it's a bit low-cut for me to wear to school, but I will keep my eye on it for a sale!

That's all, folks! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kate Spade Domino dress, Anthro Pleated Lace Matilija dress and others

Hey y'all! Hope you've all had a wonderful summer. Mine is winding down much too quickly. I go back to school next week. I have not done much shopping while out of school, so I went down to Charlotte the other day to do just that. My main impetus for this trip was to check out the new Charlotte Premium Outlets, mainly because there is a Kate Spade outlet! Here are a few pics from my stops: 

Wearing: Size 6

I've been slowly acquiring pieces from last year's Kate Spade's apple line. I snagged both this top and this bag on super-sale, and I have the iPhone case. I shrugged off getting the above dress because a) it looked too short and b) it was way out of my price range. Enter Zooey Deschanel wearing it on New Girl and I was all, "Dang you, Zooey! Gotta have it!" When I walked into the KS outlet store the other day and saw it there, I took it as a sign. It fit perfectly in the size 6 and was not too short at all. Unfortunately, it was still a bit out of my price range, even with the discounts. BUT (this is a long story, isn't it?) I found one on ebay, y'all! And I made a "best offer" and the seller accepted! It's the happy solution you were all waiting for! The end. 

Wearing: Size 4

I grabbed this on Anthro Day. I've been in love with this dress for a while, so the discount was the perfect push to try it out. I looooove this dress. It has a vintage feel to it, and the neckline is really flattering. I do kind of wish the sleeves were full instead of cap, but it's not a deal breaker for me. I will most likely wear a cardigan with it anyway as the back is a bit revealing (forgot to get a shot of it--sorry!) While the hemline is uneven, I don't think you can really tell once it's on--it just gives the dress a little movement. This is a possibility for a first-day-of-school dress! 

Wearing: Size 4

I really didn't give this dress a second glance until I saw it in person. It doesn't look like much online, but I was really drawn to the colors and shape in real life. It is a great little dress--lightweight and comfortable and all that. I did not buy it (even though it is on sale right now for a great price!) because I really wanted that Kate Spade dress. 

Wearing: Size 6 in dress, small in shrug

I have already reviewed this dress here but wanted to include it again with this shrug. I'm trying to find a good layer to go over this dress for a nicer event. I don't think this shrug will be it, although I do really like the color combination. 

That's all, folks. Tell me what you think of these dresses in the comments! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

J.Crew Fitting Room: Twist-back dress, California poppy dress, pleated flare dress

Wearing: Size 4

I liked this print better than I expected to. Online, it looked quite garish and overwhelming, but in person it is lovely and vibrant. Not a huge fan of this dress shape, however. If I were to get a dress in this print, it would be this one. I also have very few occasions to wear a dress like this during the summertime, so buying it would be very unrealistic for me. My usual size 4 fit fine. 

Wearing: Size 4

My go-to dress shape is the fit-and-flare, so I'm thrilled that J.Crew is making more of these recently. This is one I can definitely see myself wearing to school with a cardigan or blazer. It has pockets, which is always a plus, and the silk material doesn't feel too delicate. The reason it's a "like" and not a "love" is I think the pattern. I can't put my finger on why exactly I don't love it. Maybe there's too much pink in it for me? If it goes on sale, I will consider it because it just fits so well and is so adorable. My usual size 4 fit well. 

Wearing: Size 4

Loved this color and the material of this dress! It was super comfortable. That's pretty much all I can say, as I didn't love the fit as much, and the pleating that started at the chest and went down was a bit odd. Overall, it was just kind of "blah" to me. My usual size 4 fit fine. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dresses! (Anthro Rhododendron & Azure Lace, J.Crew Photofloral & Eyelet Stripe)

Hello, all! My summer vacation has begun, thank goodness! This school year was one of my busiest and most stressful ever, so I am very happy to be on a much-needed break. 

For my first summertime post, I have a few dresses to share with you all. I've always been a dress girl, so I get excited when it gets appropriate to wear them every day. Here are a few I've tried recently: 

 Wearing: Size 4

This is one of the two dresses I bought with my Anthro birthday discount in May. I went against my normal inclinations when I decided to try this pink dress. I normally shy away from pink--not because I don't like it, but because it rarely looks right on my skin tone; however, I thought this darker color could look decent on me. I ended up loving the color! It's really hard to see the lace detailing in these pics, but it's beautiful, especially around the bottom of the dress. The material is a sturdy cotton with a nude lining. The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the way the straps cut in at the top, which shows a bit more armpit than I'd like. As you can see, the back of the dress is really unique and unexpected given what the front of the dress looks like. I'm on the fence about keeping this one, so help me decide! 

Wearing: Size 6

Gah, this dress! Many of you know that I'd been looking for a dress for my bro's upcoming engagement party. I loved Anthro's Ivoire dress, but of course couldn't wear it because of the color. The Azure Lace dress is essentially the exact same dress, but sleeveless and blue. It would've been perfect, but it came out too late for my event (which is fine--I found a perfectly lovely dress!) I ended up getting this anyway thinking it could work for the rehearsal dinner. I do wish it had sleeves like the Ivoire dress; if I end up wearing it for the rehearsal dinner, I will need to find a shrug or cardigan to go over it. I sized up since Tracy Reese tends to fit on the small side, and that was the right call. The fabric is fairly delicate, but not so much that I would fear wearing this dress out and about. This one also has a unique back cut-out; thankfully it does not show bra straps (that white strap you see is the slip--it just got caught on the tag in this pic but would normally not show). 

Wearing: Size 4

I'm kind of obsessed with this dress. I've worn it at least three times already since receiving it, and I wish I could wear it every dang day. Of course, the print is fabulous (I also bought the skirt, which sadly I'll be returning, and the high-waisted bikini briefs with this top), but the material is what really makes this dress, in my opinion. It's a sturdy cotton pique with a bit of stretch, and it makes this print come alive. I also love the flared skirt and the longer length. Seriously, this might be my favorite J.Crew dress to date, and it is currently my favorite dress, period! 

 Wearing: Size 4

Sorry for the blurry photo, but I wasn't too impressed with this dress anyway. I don't know what I was thinking since spagehtti straps rarely work on my frame! I ordered my usual size 4, but the whole dress, especially the top portion, was at least one size too large on me. I could have easily sized down to a 2 (and I haven't exactly lost weight recently, so it definitely runs big!) I do think the neckline is flattering, and the length is great. I'd probably feel a lot different if the dress was more fitted to me, so perhaps I'll try again if it goes on sale. 

What do you think of these dresses? Which ones should I keep/return? 
Hope you all are enjoying your summer so far! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anthropologie fitting room: Matilde and Stitched blossom dresses

I stopped into Anthropologie on a spur-of-the-moment shopping trip last week. I've been in dress search mode, and these are two of the ones I ended up trying on: 

Wearing: size 6

Online reviews say to size up in this dress since the material will show every lump and bump. I agree with that--the size 6 fit me well, and I think the size 4 would've been too tight. It is not lined, and the fabric is pretty thin. The design of this dress is super-unique; I love the way the straps hook in at the back. Unfortunately, as you can kinda see in the second pic, I had to hold one of the straps in place because the buttons wouldn't stay secured. In the third pic, you can see how the holes are all stretched out, making this a risky dress to wear! I love the polka dot version and will most likely pick up either that one or this green one once they go on sale, but I really don't think they're worth the full price. 

Wearing: Size 6

I found a winner in this dress! I picked it up thinking it would work for my brother's engagement party, but I ended up deciding that it would be too casual for the occasion. However--I could totally wear this for other wedding events. The color of this dress is a pink-ish coral, and the "blossoms" are stitched right into the fabric--so um, the name is totes appropriate, right? I did not end up buying this dress, but it's a top contender to buy with my birthday discount and gift card this month! 

What do you think of these two dresses?